Christmas Message


     Christmas is a miracle.  And in that miracle there is a part you can see.  Most of the miracle you can’t see.  Christmas is a grace.  It could never have survived our blindness otherwise.

     The Christmas miracle that is too deep to be seen or understood…A feeding trough reminds us of those places we need to call “home”.  Angelic nighttime hymns point us to those words of love without which we couldn’t live spoken by people who are the measure of our lives.  No one can look at a young mother and her husband without thinking of the people who have embraced us in our lives.  We think of the unseen miracles that have formed our lives and continue to shape them.

     Pope Francis tells us, “God never gives someone a gift they are not capable of receiving.  If He gives us the gift of Christmas it is because we all have the ability to understand and to receive it.”  I think of those who might have a keener understanding of that unseen miracle…those who are sick or lonely, or who are suffering from life’s burdens.  May the miracle of Christmas be consolation and comfort for all those in need.  They hold a special place in prayer intentions.

     What we celebrate at the end of December does not begin and end in Bethlehem.  I pray that we might open our hearts and eyes this Christmas to behold His Presence in our own stables and mangers, in our own Nazareths and Bethlehems.

     St. Alphonsus Liguori wrote “From all eternity God had loved us and it is in this vein that He speaks to us.  Oh, man, consider carefully that I first loved you.  You had not even appeared in the light of day, nor did the world itself even exist, but already I loved you.  From all eternity I have loved you”.  To let those words sink in is truly an unseen miracle of Christmas.

     Thank you to all who have contributed to our parish’s celebration of Christmas in such a generous way.


Merry Christmas to you, our parish family, 

                   Fr. Biron