The Lord’s Resurrection Easter 2019


 Dear Parishioners,    

      In Jerusalem outside the church of All Nations next to the Garden of Gethsemane, you can see a posted sign that reads NO EXPLANATION INSIDE.  The sign is placed there to discourage tour guides from destroying the prayerful silence within the church.        It reminds us of something important...to the believer no explanation of this day is necessary.  It must be proclaimed!  The early believers never recovered from hearing the news that Jesus is alive, and one of us has returned from the dead.  Easter is not a holiday to remember what happened back when, but to celebrate the presence of the Risen Lord NOW in our lives.  It isn’t so much a matter of questioning the resurrection but of letting the most important event in human history question us right now.

      May you know deep-seated joy, thanking God for the gift of your faith.  Our faith sees Jesus walking with us and giving us the courage to bear the hardships of life.  May we know the joy of living an interior life with the Spirit.    

 Easter isn’t something we remember.  It is reality we live and breathe.  It is more than an idea we talk about.  It is a mystery we live because Christ is the center of our lives.


                                                                   Easter blessings,

                                                                  Fr Bob