Christmas 2017


Dear Parishioners,


     I marvel at the words of Leo the Great.  “Invisible in His own nature, He became visible in ours.  Beyond our grasp He chose to come without our grasp.  Existing before time began, He began to exist at a moment in time.”  We celebrate that moment in time using everything we can; decorations, song, feasting, gift-giving to show our joy that God has become one of us.

     We also celebrate that moment in time when God’s Word became reality for us in our hearts, when faith made itself comfortable in our minds, when we gave in to the powerful attraction of God in souls.

     We never tire of sharing in the intimacy of Bethlehem:  A father, a mother, a new son.  We will never know the private words they shared, the love they had for one another that made fear bearable, adjusting to God’s plan in their lives, but we live out their love in our lives.

     Joseph and Mary make room for us in their lives.  My wish for all of you this Christmas is the peace that is God’s gift to us.  In a special way I pray for those who are sick and alone at this time.

     I thank God for all of you, for all who minister with me in the parish.  I thank God for your prayerful presence that brings Bethlehem’s intimacy to life in our midst.


                                A blessed Christmas,                                                                                                                                                                     Father Bob