Back to “Ordinary Time”…
…although no time is ever really ordinary.  When there is no special feast of the l Lord to prepare for or to celebrate we mark time simply by counting the days, or at least the Sundays.  After all the business and fanfare that can surround the time from Thanksgiving to New Years, many of us are glad to return to a quiet period.  For others, packing away that last box of ornaments might be a time to shed a tear for the sweet memories of Christmases past or the realization that in any year it all seems to go by so quickly. 
So now what?  Cold, snow and ice!  The first day of spring can’t come soon enough.  Or perhaps this unhurried time is the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of New England in winter or engage in a favorite hobby.  What about that resolution you made at the start of the year?  A few weeks have now gone by.  Has the resolution also gone by?
This quiet time or “ordinary time” does indeed allow us some space to pursue that one thing we knew would help us spiritually, even if we were honest enough not to make it a “resolution.”  Who needs guilt to start the new year, right?  Seriously, this is a good time for a spiritual tune-up.  Pick something, but just one thing.  Keep it simple, but then be faithful.  Remember, this is not about self-improvement.  You can do that in the gym, in the pool or on the treadmill.  This is about giving the Lord some space to improve you.
Lent won’t begin until March 1.  Maybe then you can make it a real “resolution.”  By the time Easter rolls around on April 16, the Lord might make you into the new you!            

                                                    Deacon Greg