April 1, 2018

Dear Parishioners,

In the darkness of Easter morning, the two Marys go to the tomb. St. Matthew writes that they went “to see the tomb”. Who knows what they expected to see, certainly they expected no miracle. Like the two Marys, we have all lost someone we have loved and cared about. Their absence creates an emptiness in our life that we struggle to fill. It is that love we all know that brings them “to see the tomb.”

What happened in the predawn hours in the garden has changed our lives and we have come to believe in God’s greatest miracle. Jesus is risen. What they saw these two Marys, was a tomb that had become obsolete. God has vindicated faithful suffering, and unrelenting love. Easter is God’s promise that real love will not disappoint, will not be wasted, will not be destroyed. The empty tomb vindicates everyone of our sacrifices for the sake of one another.

The Resurrection is not to be explained but proclaimed. Christ is risen! The wood of our crosses becomes life-giving. May we all know, though we hardly dared to hope so, that You offer to make all of us a reflection of Your face.


My Easter wish for you:

Praise God for love.

Praise God for life.

In age or youth.

In husband, wife.

Lift up our hearts.

Let love be fed

Through death and life

In broken bread. (Brian Wren)

Christ is risen! Indeed He has risen!


Fr. Bob