September 23, 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


The way of the child

Jesus used a child as a symbol of the Kingdom. Like other symbols he used—a woman baking bread, a lost sheep, a sower wantonly sowing seed—the Kingdom is revealed as unremarkable in its beginnings and decidedly unimpressive as a source of power or strength. Receiving a child in the name of Jesus is shown to be a sacred obligation. Accepting the responsibility of the small one, whether young or old, family or stranger, sick or poor or needy, is the rightful exercise of worldly power. Embracing the spirit of the child—innocent, meek, with hands clean of infamy—is the way of the Kingdom. For when we adopt the way of the world and its infamous uses of power, even for just ends, we have betrayed ourselves into the hands of the enemy by becoming what we oppose.  The only way to win a war is not to engage its means, for the tactics of our enemies are always honored when we take them up. If we accept these terms, the just one may well suffer and die; it’s been done before. But a wise person once said that losing your life is the only way to save it.

                                                                                                                    -Alice Camille