The Parish Pastoral Council is composed of parishioners who represent the parish and serves as a consultative body to the pastor on matters related to our parish mission, the integration of parish programs into the life of the parish, planning for the future and other matters of importance to the parish.  In its advisory role to the pastor, the Council shares in the pastoral ministry of the Church by fostering the spiritual as well as the administrative well-being of the parish community.  In this way the Council is truly a “pastoral” council.

All parishioners are encouraged to participate actively in the life of the parish through liturgy, the sacraments, attending the events sponsored by the parish and by involvement in parish organizations and committees.  If a parishioner sees fit, he/she may also wish to seek participation as a representative to the Council through one of the various organizations and committees of the parish.

Council members are determined in one of three ways.  Some persons hold a position on the Council by the nature of their position in the parish, the pastor, the permanent deacon and the pastoral associate. The Pastoral Council chairperson is appointed by the pastor as is the chairperson of the Finance Committee and two at-large representatives from the mission of Immaculate Conception. All other members are selected by their respective committees.  The Steering Committee is the only standing committee of the Council.

The organizations and committees of the parish are key working units in the parish.  Many of the parish activities and events are administered under the auspices of these committees.  The organizations and committees are described in more detail by going to the side-bar links.

The Pastoral Council meets every other month in the parish library, usually on the third Tuesday of the month starting in September.  All parishioners are invited to attend and participate in these meetings.  Minutes of the meetings are posted at the links below and in the vestibule of the parish churches.

If you would like to contact any of the members of the Council, please call the church office at 526-4484.

  • Pastor: Rev. Robert Biron
  • Pastoral Council President: Scott Reid
  • Permanent Deacon: Gregory McGinn
  • Finance Committee: Ron Koron
  • Christian Formation Committee: Paula Minaert
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee: Tom Guterl
  • Loaves and Fishes (Outreach) Committee: 
  • Men’s Club: Neil Wallace
  • Women’s Society: Mary Thayer
  • Communications Committee:
  • Liturgy Committee: Christine Rivera
  • Immaculate Conception at-large: Scott Reid
  • Immaculate Conception at-large: Ken Brown

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 2018-2019