New Christian Youth Group


Please see letter sent to our families of middle school children:


Hi Parents,

We have finally put together a calendar for the newly formed Youth On Main!  This youth group is an interdenominational Christian youth group serving middle-school students in our area.

Youth On Main was founded and organized by members from Our Lady of Fatima parish, First Baptist Church, and St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.  We are three Christian churches located on Main Street in New London, hence the name: Youth on MAIN:)

Each activity will begin and end with a prayer and our hope is that healthy friendships will naturally develop among participants and families over time.

Please RSVP to me (ch.form.olfic@comcast.net) for any activity that your child(ren) plan to attend.  The first event is a talk about healthy friendships and is geared toward middle school aged kids.    This talk was borne out of the Healthy Relationships talk for parents that took place a couple of months ago.  Parents are welcome to stay or drop off their children. If you have any specific questions, email Lynn Wenger at wenger_haus@msn.com. (see info below as well)

We are very excited for this endeavor to begin and bear much fruit in our youngsters!  Please, forward this email to anyone who may be interested.  We will communicate via email and have monthly ads in the Kearsarge Shopper. 

Please come and always..invite a friend to join you!

God bless,

Teresa Jackson

Healthy Relationships Create Healthy Lives

June 9, 2018 - 6:30 – 8:30 Ice Cream Sundae Social

First Baptist Church New London

Cleveland Hall

For Students in Grades 6 - 9

Join speaker Nathan Old for this interactive workshop full of practical object lessons. And it is true - duck tape really can be used for just about anything!  

Together participants explore what fuels a healthy relationship including the science behind our emotions and human connectedness.  

Nathan is an instructor at Dayspring Ministries Pregnancy Care Center.  He teaches area schools, community groups and in youth programs in Relationship Readiness Workshops using the CREST curriculum.  CREST (Communication -- Respect –  Equality -- Support  -- Trust). Nathan is engaging and shares real-life stories from hundreds of hours spent working with youth in our region.

Questions:  Lynn Wenger 602-859-5923 or wenger_haus@msn.com

 A Youth on Main Initiative